The carpets in your home take a big beating throughout the year – more so during the winter and holiday season.  After all, you’ve got the snow and ice your family and friends have tracked in, drinks that were spilled during the festivities and toys your kids played with in the same spots for hours on end.
Yes, your carpets take a good beating during this time.
However, cleaning carpeted floors isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional carpet/floor cleaner to do it for you. Bear in mind that doing it yourself means taking time out of your already busy day and scrubbing the floor. A favorite DIY carpet cleaner is a mixture of water, dish soap and hydrogen peroxide, which can be used on an array of stains.
Why should you hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Jersey Steamer to take care of your carpets after the holidays have come and gone?

3 Reasons To Clean Your Carpets and Floors After The Holidays

Visible Food and Drink Spills and Stains

If you were the host of a holiday party, chances are someone spilled something on your floor. Now, the food or drink may have been quickly cleaned up, but the stain is still there – it’s just deep inside your carpet.  The longer the stain has been sitting, the deeper it gets into the fibers of the carpet. And, the deeper into the fibers it gets, the harder it can be to clean.
If you decide to clean it yourself, you can use the cleaning method above or another that will work well on the spill/stain. Bear in mind, you could cause damage to the fibers trying to scrub the floor. Therefore, to get clean, fresh looking carpets, the best thing you can do is hire a professional carpet cleaning team to do this for you.  The team of professionals from Jersey Steamer has your back. They will work hard to remove the stain and bring life back to your carpets.

Odor Issues

Your carpet, as well as your cloth furniture, is going to be full of odors from your cooking, pets, cigarettes, outside smells, etc. Add that to a party, and your carpet is really getting smelly. When it comes to cleaning, most people only mask the odors by using Lysol or another similar air freshener. They actually do not neutralize it. Thus, after some time, the smells return with a vengeance with more added to it.
A good carpet and floor cleaning service like Jersey Steamer can eliminate these smells altogether.

Health Problems

Your carpet is full of fibers that trap all kinds of things such as dirt, grease, dead skin cells, bacteria, pollen, dust mites, dry soil, pet dander, etc.  With your carpet trapping these things, it means they’re not freely blowing around your home. But, over time, the filter fills up and needs a major cleaning. Think of it like your clothing and bedding – you have to clean those, right? Your carpet is no different.
If you have asthma or any other health problem, your carpet could be the culprit.
The holidays can be rough on, not just you, but your carpets too. Instead of going to the extreme and replacing them every couple of years, getting them professionally cleaned can extend their longevity and get rid of the stains and smells. With a professional clean, it’ll be like you recently bought and installed new carpets.

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