Professional COVID-19 Disinfecting Services

Electrostatic Disinfecting 

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Professional Covid-19 disinfecting services empower your business to help fight the spread of this potentially dangerous virus while advocating for the health and wellness of your customers, clients, employees, and their families. Provide safety and peace of mind in these uncertain times without the use of harsh chemicals.

Electrostatic Disinfection

When it comes to cleaning most people resort to either dry or wet dusting. Although these traditional approaches are quite common, they do little of what is intended. While dusting from a cloth spreads more dust in the air by disturbing sedentary particles and transporting them to other surfaces they also have a chance of spreading more bacteria unless the user regularly washes the duster. On the other hand, wet dusting might not be that reliable as well. Harmful chemicals might cause adverse effects on the surface or some corners might not be accessible for cleaning. These techniques usually fail in places where cleanliness is of the utmost importance like healthcare facilities, places of worship, and schools. A better way of getting rid of germs and surfaces along with sanitizing them is known as electrostatic disinfection.

Why Spray Disinfection 

For public spaces or common areas where hygiene is a must, electrostatic disinfection is necessary. Although the name suggests something very hard, it is in fact a regular commercial cleaning procedure.

How do we electronically disinfect your environment?

  • Sanitize and disinfect all corners of the room which is not possible through traditional cleaning
  • Reduces spread of dangerous viruses like HIV, MRSA and more by controlling infection rate
  • No worries about over-usage of chemicals as everything is done in a controlled manner.
  • Contagious infections can be prevented thus reducing medical problems in the future.

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Covid-19 has led to many fatalities around the world. Therefore it is necessary to hire professionals from the best cleaning services in New Jersey. Jersey Steamer Cleaning Services is a family-owned business with experience of over 30 years.

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