How Jersey Steamers Cleaning Service makes your Valentine’s Day a whole lot enjoyable

This Valentine’s Day if you’re planning to snuggle with your sweetheart on your favorite couch or enjoy a drink in front of the fireplace, mesmerize your beloved with a refreshing home that includes fresh and clean carpets for those cuddling moments.

After all, what will be more economical and romantic than a special date at home on a neatly cleaned carpet?

Here are top 5 romantic reasons to clean your carpet before this Valentine’s Day.

1. Camping: Forget the idea of packing the camping gear or braving the uninhabited outdoors. Place a tent or temporary shelter on your carpet in the living room for a fun and relaxed camping activity.” Weird but funny, this camping date can make both of you feel like an adventure junkie, and in case you feel awkward, your cozy bed is just round the corner.

2. Picnic: Do you really need an open space or park for picnic? Grab a bed linen and scented candles and a basket for a cozy picnic at home. We would suggest chocolate and wine, or you may opt for something else.

3. Spa Therapy: Why to spend huge money on a massage treatment at a spa when you can get the most relaxing and romantic rub-down on your clean carpet itself? Take a pillow and allow your sweetheart to get cozy on the carpet. Then give her a pampering massage coupled with scented candles and soothing music.

4. Watching Movies: Movie watching with extra cuddling is exiting and romantic. Avoid the couch and place few cushions and a blanket on the carpet for an ultimate movie date at home. Don’t forget the nachos and everyone’s favorite popcorn!

5. Using Twister: Snuggling is nice, but complete body contact is even better if mixed with lots of laughter. Roll out your Twister grid over the carpet and engage in some fun and flirty competitions. What’s for the winner? The Winner gets a relaxing massage!

Do you have other ideas to make the best use of your clean and fresh carpet on the Valentine’s Day? Share with us!

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