Get rid of unwanted germs on your interior decors

In the adult communities of Lakewood, Jackson & Toms River New Jersey, a clean home is where you can allow your grandchildren to play on the floor or on the carpet, without worrying about them inhaling or ingesting something that might hurt them like bacteria, mites, allergens and dust. However, the general rule is: the older the carpet or mattress, the more a wall to wall breeding farm it becomes for germs and viruses. In fact, as read so often, it is like a hundred times dirtier than the average toilet bowl.  What’s worse is that a lot of the germs, dust mites, allergens and viruses that invade your carpet are antibiotic resistant.  These invaders can bring rashes, allergies, fever and in some cases, even death. Imagine a child, your grand child, playing on your carpet.

Other places of concern are draperies and curtains and upholsteries, which catch mites, dust, allergens and germs frequently.  Curtains can carry vancomycin and methicillin-resistant strains that can really hurt you and your family. It is always a good idea to have your curtains washed and decontaminated. Upholsteries are another hotspot for contaminants.  However, here, the contaminants are easier to remove.

Steam Cleaning

Now the best way to clean carpets, draperies and upholsteries is by the use of steam. Steam is effective without developing tolerance in microbes. With chemicals, constant use of the same chemical can turn a microbe into a “super bug” or one that is resistant to that chemical. Steam cleaning is actually the most recommended method of extracting contaminants and is done by using hot water sprays to dislodge and dissolve dust and dirt which are later vacuumed out. It is inexpensive compared to chemical treatments.  And it is safer for you and your carpet. Steam cleaning is the best option for carpets and for keeping children out of danger.

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