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Launched on January 1, 2008, Jersey Steamer Cleaning Services is a family owned and operated cleaning business that offers on-time, convenient carpet cleaning appointments that meet your cleaning needs. We have over 500 five star reviews and have been a family owned business for over 30 years. We are the local leader in carpet cleaning and restoration services in New Jersey.

The experts here have the experience and expertise to make sure that your business or home is up to your standards of cleanliness. We back that up with our written 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with their service, if you are not completely satisfied, they will return at no charge to correct the mistake. If you are still not satisfied, they will honor their money back guarantee without question.

Why hire our services?

Jersey Steamer Cleaning services is recognized for its pricing which is hassle-free and is without hidden costs, affordable and straightforward. The work is done professionally because we understand that your carpet is a major purchase that you want to protect. We will never up sell you or pressure you into a service you don’t want or need.

We are the highest rated professional steam cleaning service in NJ. This is because we deliver the highest quality services in New Jersey.  We go above and beyond to ensure our customers will be repeat clients and recommend us to their friends. It’s that level of attention and detail that our business has grown tremendously without the need for any major advertising campaigns.  We also use the very best carpet cleaning equipment and products available in the cleaning market today. Being a family cleaning business, we care about our customers’ cleaning results.

Jersey Steamer Cleaning Services provides the very best carpet cleaning service to commercial and residential companies no matter how big or small the job. We also offer cleaning services to individuals in their homes. The cleaners here strive to provide the cleaning services with 100% customer satisfaction and in the most timely manner.

Our method of cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service is divided into 10 stages: Pre-Inspection, Pre-vacuum, Furniture Moving, Pre-spray, Pre-spot, Pre-grooming/Agitation, Soil Extraction and Rinse, Post Spot, Carpet Protection, and Post Cleaning Inspection to ensure that everything has been done right. We highly recommend that you have them re-apply carpet protector when the carpet has been steam cleaned.

Before we clean your carpet, all the breakables and items from tables must be removed; also to be removed is furniture that might tip over. All small items such as magazines, boxes, bags shoes, etc. in the areas to be cleaned must also be removed. It is also advisable to arrange for children and pets to be away from the area where they are cleaning. Remove tabs and blocks 24 hours after carpet is cleaned, and keep children and pets off carpet for at least 4 hours.

Apart from Carpet Cleaning, our other services include Tile and Grout Cleaning, Drapery Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Area Rugs Cleaning, Window Treatments Cleaning, Tile Repair, Natural Stone Resurfacing, and Marble Stone and Natural Stone Restoration.

With Jersey Steamer Cleaning services, you get peace of mind knowing that you will have high quality and trusted professionals handling your cleaning service. In order to achieve our goal of providing the most outstanding service experience in New Jersey, we realized that we must use well the experience that we have, take pride in the reputation that we have developed, as well as pursue ongoing research and training in our industry, use modern cleaning systems and work hand in hand with our clients to get the best outcome. We will walk with you through your house/home/office to show you the cleaning results to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the job.

Our success is defined by procedures we use, the equipment we utilize, the training we undergo and the products we use. We bring all of these together to produce optimum results for our clients. Our primary method of carpet cleaning is Steam Cleaning.

To get your home ready in time for the holiday’s call Jersey Steamer today.

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