Everyone has that one friend who is, generally, a decent human being, but can’t seem to not make a mess. At Jersey Steamer, we know this to be true because of how often we’re called out to clean upholstery or carpeting that has been made messy by these lovable mess-magnets. In many occasions, we sometimes even hear the groan and mention of the sloppy guest in the background as we sweep up and clean up. If you’re dealing with a messy friend, we at Jersey Steamer want to offer you a couple of tips.

  • Understand the difference between unconsciously messy and disrespect. Some people are very clumsy. Some people also were never taught by parents how to eat without making a major mess. These people legitimately mean no harm, and they also apologize profusely for the mess that they make. They will try to clean up their mess. Others, however, make spills, do not clean them up, and don’t even apologize. They may even wipe their hands on your upholstery or tablecloth, just because they can. People in that second category should not be invited to your home – ever.
  • If it’s a child who’s making the mess, coach them on how to eat properly. There’s nothing wrong with giving a tot some helpful pointers. There’s also nothing wrong with giving them a good placemat and seating them at a special, easy to clean, kids’ table.
  • If at all possible, consider hosting a messy guest outside. This can be a very good way to avoid a major cleanup after the fact.
  • Prep in advance. If you know that Messy Uncle Larry is coming over for dinner, you may want to prepare a meal that isn’t very spill-prone. Foods such as spaghetti, soup, and heavily-sauced ribs are things you may want to avoid. On the other hand, a bowl of Chex mix might be a better option.
  • Consider getting some Scotchguard. Spiffing up a rug with some protective spray may keep certain stains from sinking in and becoming permanent. Usually, a quick call to a good professional cleaning company can help prep carpets and upholstery from getting future permanent stains.
  • Insist on shoes being taken off at by the door. Not all messy guests are messy eaters. Some just have really muddy or sandy shoes! Enforcing the “Japanese code” at your house can seriously cut down on how much mud and grime is tracked onto your carpet. Similarly, telling people to dry off after hitting your pool is also a very important point to make. After all, water can and will damage delicate carpeting!

No one can avoid having a guest that spills something eventually, but there are ways to spill-proof your home. During the summer months, spills come more frequently than ever. So, we at Jersey Steamer often find ourselves being called to homes around the Red Bank area because of it. If you need professional cleaning, make sure that it’s Jersey Steamer you call. After all, we’ve got the experience and tools you need!

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