Jersey Steamer is a company that is known for helping out homeowners and antique collectors who have furniture, drapes, carpets, and other similar materials when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Whether it’s an antique lover in Deal, or just a family that has a beloved heirloom carpet in Asbury Park, we know how important it is to keep things looking their best without damaging delicate fibers. We also know that some folks might be tempted to try to clean these things themselves. If you own any carpets or upholstery in the following materials, you may want to reconsider.

  • Silk – Silk is one of the most delicate organic fibers that money can buy. While soft and luxurious to the touch, cleaning a silk carpet or cleaning silk upholstery can be extremely tricky – especially if there is a stain involved. Common detergents can seriously harm, or even dissolve silk. Don’t try to clean it yourself.
  • Suede – Suede is yet another common yet hard-to-clean upholstering material that really doesn’t take too well to detergents, or even moisture. This is another material that can quickly turn into a nightmare to clean, so calling up Jersey Steamer may be your best bet.
  • Velvet – Velvet has a similar texture to silk, and also has similar problems to it, as well. While velvet does have a better chance against common detergents than silk does, it is more prone to staining due to detergent use or bleaching. Don’t risk it!
  • Microfiber – It may be dirt resistant, but if you get a stain in microfiber, you’ve got a huge chore on your hands! Though this material can be worked (to a point) with common detergents, but it often will require multiple applications. It’s often such a long process that it’s just better not to bother with it. Not all microfibers are the same, either. Some use water-based cleaners, others require different cleaners. So, it’s also very possible to use the wrong detergent on the wrong microfiber couch, which in turn can permanently damage and stain the couch.
  • Ultrasuede – It has all the problems of suede, except even more so. Attempting to clean either suede or ultrasuede will likely result in having to reupholster a furniture piece. While ultrasuede is not a typical heirloom material, we have seen it being used in upholstery from time to time. It’s just as delicate as the old world materials that you’d see in antique auctions. Trust us on this!

The bottom line here is that there are many different furniture pieces that really, truly need the attentive touch and care of a well-trained carpet or upholstery cleaner. When choosing the right cleaning company for your antiques, it’s important to choose one of the best cleaning companies in Monmouth County. If you haven’t tried out Jersey Steamer already, then you need to experience the difference in quality. After all, all of our antique enthusiast clients can’t be wrong. Call us today for a quick, free consultation.

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