Graduations are coming up, both middle and high school as well as the big college commencement. These are events that are meant to be celebrated and often times, that means opening up your home to family and friends for the celebratory occasion. But what if your house is not up to par? Still have remnants of the winter such as chemicals, salt embedded in the rugs, the stone floors have lost their shine, or the Spring pollen has taken over your shades. With all the excitement of the impending graduation as well as preparation, you will not have time to clean your home to the perfection that you may desire. This is where we come in to play.

Jersey Steamer Cleaning Services is committed to making sure that your home is fit to be filled, photos galore, nothing short of perfection. For starters, the consultation will cost you nothing so you can ask one of our trained professionals about all the services that you are interested in having performed. We will make your carpet as clean as the day it was installed and the stone will be so shiny, you will be able to see your reflection. And the way that we clean natural stone, you will not have to worry about it getting destroyed winter after winter.

The best part of our services, which has garnered over 500 five-star online rating, has to be that the more you have done, the more you save. We can come and do all the “dirty” work for you prior to the party or you can wait until after the celebration is over to have us come in and make sure all your upholstery is back to the way it was upon delivery. We can also come pre-party to do the big clean and return post party for the finishing touches. We also work on Saturdays so you are never pressed for time. Satisfaction is our promise and our guarantee so give us a call or send us an email and make this graduation glisten.

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