Pets in the house can sometimes be frustrating and annoying because of the dirt and odors they cause in the home. Some dirt sinks deep down into the rug and removing them can be difficult most times. Allergens are also dangerous to your health. Maybe you have been looking for professionals to do the job for you and it seems you can’t get because there are vast amount of carpet cleaners all over.

Jersey Steamer Cleaning Services, New Jersey’s most trusted privately owned cleaning service gives a professional cleaning job. We have extended our services to Lakewood NJ, Jackson NJ, and Toms River NJ. To get a professional cleaning job, you can bank on us for that. We clean your home to make your family stay healthy.

We use a steam cleaning method to remove pet odors and allergens from your carpet. Pet odor occur as a result of the dirt caused by a pet that sank into the carpet. We then use extremely hot water to deal with that. The hot water is introduced into the carpet to loosen the dirt, and then our professional grade cleaning machine is used to draw the moisture. With our professionals handling your carpet with this method, be rest assured that the odors and the allergens will disappear.

We are not limited to that, we clean Upholstery too. If you need your sofa or any of your upholstered furniture to be cleaned, we do the job for you. We use steam cleaning method to remove dirt, odors, and allergens from them for you.


Big cloths used in decoration are difficult to wash with washing machines, therefore we use the steaming method to remove odors that pet might have infiltrated to it and allergens from them.

Area rugs.

Only professional cleaners can clean Area rugs effectively. Our professional cleaners at Jersey Steamer, with steam cleaning method, will give you a professional cleaning service.

At Jersey Steamer, we render a quality cleaning service which includes removing pet odors and allergens. Due to the fact that having pet odors and allergens in the carpet, upholstery, Drapery, and Area rugs can cause harm to your health, we took it upon our self to give you a total cleaning service that will make you rely on our service.

For a professional carpet cleaning service. You can contact Jersey Steamer Cleaning Service today. If you are in need of our service, you can call us at (732) 775-2503 or (609) 888-1700 or visit our website for more information.

Remember is we can’t clean it, It can’t be cleaned.

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