Clean your house for the start of the new year at school

Parents have a lot on their hands when it comes to preparing their kids, and their homes, for school. Aside from the usual back-to-school preparations such as getting school supplies ready, moms and dads should also consider getting their homes ready for this yearly event.

Preparations should go beyond the usual dusting and washing. Homes should be professionally cleaned using the most powerful cleaning agent of all: steam. Professional steam cleaning will be able to clean homes from inside out. It will leave no dangerous chemical residue and will never even smell because steam only uses water to clean. Let a professional steam-cleaning crew deal with:

  • Stubborn stains found on any kind of floor (stone, hardwood, tile and cement floors). Steam does not damage even expensive hardwood and natural stone flooring.
  • Lift carpet stains and wash carpets inside out. Protect carpet from damage by steam cleaning it; carpet fibers will be carefully washed to remove stains, smells and dirt.
  • Steam clean tiles, upholstery and any kind of surface. Steam is hot but safe and effective. Since you don’t use any chemicals to clean, expensive tiles and delicate furniture stay protected.
  • Remove pet smells and dirt effectively when you steam clean. If you live with a pet dog or cat, chances are your home smells like one too. Remove these smells and dirt effectively and safely with professional steam cleaning.

Jersey Steamer has a professional steam cleaning team ready to take on the challenge. So get ready to start the school year fresh and clean with Jersey Steamer. 

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