Who doesn’t love heading back to school, getting to see all the old friends you have, and being able to learn something new? As great as it is to have school back in session, September is also right around the time when leaves turn brown, pollen gets thrown into the air, and mold from the fallen leaves quickly begins to enter the atmosphere. While the smell of fall may be wonderful for some, the fact is that fall is one of the biggest allergy seasons of the year. For some, this is totally okay, but for others, it means at least 2 months of sniffling, sneezing and coughing. At Jersey Steamer, we know how hard allergy season can be – and we also know that nobody has time for that!

Alleviating allergies is something that we know how to do, simply because we’ve seen the effects of our daily work.

Here’s how you can cut down the allergy issue for your favorite student or two!

  • Give your carpets a thorough professional cleaning. Carpets are the number one carrier of dirt, dust, and grime in a typical household. If you have taken a walk through the woods, or even through a school campus, you’ve already tracked in plenty of the outdoors along with you. If you have allergies, you’ll need to clean your most traveled carpets at least once this season.
  • Don’t forget upholstery. Just by opening up your window on the wrong day, you could be letting in a slew of allergens. Those allergens can waft into your home, and cling to couches. In particular, suede and wool upholstery tend to be most susceptible to this issue. If you’re highly allergic, and if you are dealing with a particularly bad sneezing when you sit on your favorite cushiony couch, a professional cleaning may be worth it.
  • If you haven’t already, switch to hypoallergenic pillows. It does help. Seriously, trust us on this one.
  • If you or your family member has major allergy problems, make sure a tote with allergy medicines are within reach at all times. There’s nothing wrong with taking a doctor’s advice and getting some quality allergy medicine. In some cases, it may save someone you care about from an asthma attack.
  • Keep shoes in a foyer near the door. Shoes track in mold, pollen, and grass. By taking off your shoes as soon as you are in your home, you’re avoiding getting the bulk of that grime on your floors.

At Jersey Steamer, we’ve seen how bad fall can get. Whether it’s the homes we’ve cleaned in Red Bank, or the mansions we’ve helped sanitize in Deal, Jersey Steamer has seen the autumn season wreak havoc on homes. During this time, it’s often best to do some preventative care before it’s too late. We work around busy school kids’ schedules, but why wait until they’re at school to get your home cleaned? Call us today for a consult!

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