It is such a humble honor to announce that Jersey Steamer has won the 2016 Best of HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award. We have over 250 five-star reviews on HomeAdvisor which only reinforces our dedication and passion, as well as our professionalism when it comes to our company. We have also been voted Best Carpet Cleaners for five years in a row. Think about it; five years, five stars! And remember, we are not just about carpets and making them look brand-new again; we have so many more services to offer and every single one would be an asset to a place like a retirement community.

With new potential residents coming in to check out the premises, wouldn’t it be great to ensure that the aesthetics are beyond perfection? We not only get those unsightly, germ-ridden, snow engrained stains out of carpets to make the area healthier, we also work on blinds to remove both stains, pollen, and beyond as well as make upholstery look better than new, shine and de-scum your tile and grout while refreshing any natural stone areas you may have that have seen wear and tear.

Those whom have finally decided to retire to a community should go in knowing that everything is as clean as possible and on top of that, looks incredible. We can put the “welcome” into welcoming when it comes to your community and the best part is that the more services you choose, the better the savings. We can come once a month, bi-monthly, or whenever someone moves out and you want to beautify the area for the new inhabitant. Don’t turn someone off to your property because of dusty blinds or grimy bathrooms. Let us, Jersey Steamer, come in, the 2016 Best of HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award winner, and brighten up your retirement community. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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