The Carpet Cleaning process followed by Jersey Steamers

As you may imagine, carpets can attract all types of dirt, soils, oils, allergens, and stains. Foot traffic can ground these all into the fibers of the carpet so it’s important to regularly clean carpets regularly.

Before starting the carpet cleaning process, it’s best to thoroughly vacuum carpets with slow strokes. Once complete, pre-spray of cleaning solution (heated to approx. 150 degrees) to the entire carpet. For areas of heavy traffic and/or where stains are evident, excess pre-spray can be applied. To ensure that the pre-spray penetrates deep into the fibers, use a rotary scrubber or a brush with moderately thick bristles. Be advised, some rotary scrubbers can also be used to apply cleaning solution. You’re now ready for steam cleaning.

For best results, use a truck-mounted machine that has the power to provide enough pressure and suction and heat water to up to 220 degrees. The use of a two-inch vacuum hose and professional-wand is also recommended. When ready to proceed, guide the wand over the carpet in slow and steady strokes. In addition to the weight of the wand, apply a slight bit of pressure to extract all dust, soils, and oils and excess water. For cleaning carpets on stairs, an upright wand is not optimal. A six-inch (or similar) stair tool will allow better access the corners and contours of the stairs.

Some prefer the “two clean, two dry” method. The second pass will extract an excess dirt and, equally important, water. Excess water could leave a mildew smell or even mold. And others prefer to power groom to lift the carpet fibers up to give it that “like-new” look.


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