Why call a professional for your drapes?

Regardless of how clean a home, hotel / motel room, or office is kept, drapes of any style or material will collect dust and grime just by hanging there.  Sometimes, cleaning drapes is as simple as removing from the rod and tossing into a washing machine or even bringing to be dry cleaned.  However, even following the “cleaning code” as detailed on drapery tags, there’s a chance of shrinkage and/or other damage so it’s best to call a professional.

Our method of cleaning drapery

Begin the cleaning process by vacuuming.  Use one hand to vacuum and the other to hold and/or smooth the material as the suction removes dust, dirt, and grime.  Be sure to vacuum the grooves and crevasses of the drapery where inspects may lay eggs.  If the drapes are lined, vacuum the back first.  For drapes without lining, vacuuming only the front is sufficient.

Most drapery can be cleaned with a water-based cleaning solution but others require cleaning solution only.  Please refer to the “cleaning code” on drapes for guidance.  While most materials can handle hot water and cleaning solution, it’s recommended to take a small portion of the drapery and test the cleaning solution.

Before beginning the steam cleaning process, hang a plastic sheet behind the drapery.  This will protect the walls and windows from overspray and also seal the back of the drapes to produce greater suction.  After cleaning the top portion of the drapery with horizontal strokes, guide the handheld steam cleaning instrument from top to bottom.  Because the upper 20% of drapery is the dirtiest, focus a little extra attention in this area.  It’s important to not apply too much wetness to the drapery.  Doing so may cause the header (top of the drapery) to lose its stiffness.

After cleaning, finish by creasing the folds with your palms to create a soft, decorative fold and allow air to access the drapes to facilitate drying.

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