Why is it necessary to clean your tile and grout regularly?

Tile and other hard surfaces have cracks and crevasses that trap soils and dirt. Grout is a porous substance with microscopic holes that trap dirt particles as well as moisture. Without proper cleaning, dirt can build up over time. This causes discoloration and can create an unsanitary environment. Mold and mildew can also develop, cause staining, and affect the appearance.

How to do it right?

Soapy water, bleach, and hard scrubbing may deliver a sense of a deep cleaning but may also result in negative long-term efforts — residue and the breakdown / crumbling of grout, for example. For best results, use a truck-mounted machine that has the power to provide measured pressure, suction, and heat water. The use of a two-inch vacuum hose and a professional wand is also recommended.

Start the cleaning process by applying a pre-spray solution to all surfaces and allow to penetrate for 5-10 minutes. Then guide the wand with slow and steady strokes to deliver alkaline-based (removes soils from the crevasses of tile and grout) and acid-based cleaners (removes calcium and uric acid) as well as hot water. The wand delivers a consistent stream of cleaning solution and clean water to force dirt, dust, mold, and mildew out of tile and grout. At the same time, the wand extracts dirty water away to ensure that clean water is utilized throughout the process.

The results are likely to be stunning, a restoration of tile and grout to their “like-new” condition and also disinfected and fresh. After cleaning is completed, a sealant can be applied to ensure that tile and grout is looking great for years to come.

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