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Most upholstery can be cleaned with a water-based cleaning solution but some (please refer to the “cleaning code” on the upholstery) require water-free cleansing solutions.  While most fabrics can handle being cleaned by hot water and strong cleansers, it’s recommended to take a small portion of the upholstery and test the cleaning solution.

To evaluate the amount of dust in upholstery, cover the hose with a napkin and replace the nozzle.  After vacuuming, examine the napkin for dust.  If upholstery hasn’t been cleaned recently, the napkin should have collected a significant amount of dust.  Upholstered furniture acts like a filter for the home.  With continued use, dust can be ground deep into the fibers which can lead to discoloring and odor, so it’s important to remove dust, soils, oils, etc.  Also, compare the fabric that doesn’t get much use (the back of a couch cushion?) to the fabric that does.  If the coloration varies, there is likely a significant buildup of dust, soils, oils,

After thoroughly vacuuming the fabric to remove all ground-in particles, perform the “napkin test” again to be sure that most particles have been removed.  At this point, cleaning can begin.  First, apply pre-conditioning solution evenly to breakdown dried dust, soils, and oils from the body.  A horsehair brush can be used to rub the solution deep into the fabric or simply rub in shampoo with a sponge to further loosen dirt.

Once complete, a hot water rinse can be performed.  This will flush out the loosed up the dirt, pre-conditioner, and shampoo.  A drying tool can then be slowly moved across the fabric.  This applies a small amount of rinsing solution and extracts any remaining dust, soils, and oils and excess water.  This will leave the fabric clean and free of dirt and odor.  Then allow the fabric additional time to dry completely.

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