During the coldest of winter months, ice melter is a go-to tool for getting out to work and making sure that shoveling is just a little bit easier. While we are not going to argue that ice melter is absolutely crucial, there is something to be said about the importance of making sure that you clean up the melter from your carpeting as soon as possible. And, it’s best to have it done by a professional. Here’s why.

  • Vacuuming it up alone will not actually lift up all the salt or melter. It might actually just rub the salt into the carpet and further increase the damage that it does to your carpet. The roughness of the ice melter will end up likely tearing at the carpeting.
  • Sweeping it up will also just end up damaging the carpet fibers. Dragging the salt and debris on the carpet will just end up causing microcuts in even the sturdiest microfiber. This in turn will end up causing more and more problems until the carpet turns into a grungy mess.
  • Rug shampooers can cause permanent damage with ice melters. You can’t always tell what effect a rug shampoo will have with an ice melter, which means that you are potentially one bad reaction away from a permanently stained carpet. It takes a lot of experience, knowledge and skill to know which shampoos and methods one can safely use for cleaning chemical ice melters.
  • If it’s salt, using the wrong cleaning method can dry out the carpet and make it feel starchy and stiff. The feeling alone is often a clear sign of damage done to the actual material of the carpet. After all, brittle fibers that are dried out are usually a death knell for organic carpets.

The bottom line is that removing rock salt from a carpet is a complicated and often somewhat tedious process. If you don’t remove it, though, you will need to buy a new carpet sooner rather than later. Getting your home’s carpet professionally cleaned once a month during the winter is the best way to preserve the quality of your carpet and keep it from experiencing extended damage from ice melting materials.

The best company to call for this is the company that Red Bank, Hamilton, and Jackson Twp have been relying on year after year. Jersey Steamer has all the skills, experience and tools needed to make sure that your carpet will end up looking great throughout the year. Our awesome service and effort to work with our customers’ schedules make us the top company for cleaning services in the entire state.

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