Melting all the snow and ice that has fallen in your driveway is absolutely necessary if you want to avoid slipping and falling. It’s why snow melters like rock salt are so popular. As good as rock salt can be for your driveway, it’s absolutely terrible for your carpeting and flooring! Consider some of the following problems that rock salt can have.

Rock salt and other ice melters have jagged edges that tear up carpet fibers. This can mean that your carpet will end up becoming threadbare sooner rather than later. It also can mean that very delicate carpets, such as those made out of silk, could tear in certain conditions.

Those same jagged edges can also scratch tile finishes as well as hardwood floors. Just something to keep in mind!

Ice melters also have a tendency to cause carpets to change color if they are left to soak into them. When ice melters are wettened due to melted snow and ice, it’s okay as long as it’s outside. The messy mixture of chemicals or salt with water can easily stain carpeting in a home an unsightly grey, yellow or brown.

Even if it’s a small amount of it, it damages the carpet significantly. The melter can just grind into the carpet. This can mean that the jagged salt gets trapped in the fibers, causing it to feel rougher. Or, it could just cut up the carpet.

Some ice melter can be toxic to pets. So, if they end up chewing on the carpet, they may end up getting poisoned by it.

The bottom line here is that ice melter is terrible for carpeting. And, if you care about your carpeting, now is the season to get them professionally cleaned. It will save you from having to replace them soon, and it also will make sure that the carpeting that you have will feel great during the harshest times of the winter. Don’t wait until your carpet looks like a sloppy mess.

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