At Jersey Steamer, Monmouth County has always been a wonderful place for those who are deep into the Halloween spirit. When we’re out on the job, we often find amazingly beautiful decorations in front of each home we go to. It’s a sign of a beautiful near-holiday season. And yes, sometimes our customers have special Halloween drapes that are equipped with spooky spiders, cobwebs, or other similarly horror-themed accoutrements.

Having dirty, cobweb-filled drapes may be a great thing for Halloween, or even a really interesting theatre set. In fact, our employees often compliment homes that have Halloween drapes. However, when it comes to non-holiday home décor, the last thing anyone wants to see are drapes that are clearly stained, ragged, and dingy. Both guests and homeowners alike are very likely to notice when drapes aren’t looking their best.

If you’re going to be hosting a chic Thanksgiving get together, or even a simple party within the next couple of months, don’t you want your home to look neat, clean, and beautiful? Believe it or not, those guests that you want to invite over will be the first ones to notice a home that has drapes that haven’t been cleaned. Worn out drapes will seriously detract from your home’s overall ambiance, and may even make it look a little less welcoming.

When you’re looking to be the host with the most, it only makes sense to give Jersey Steamer a call. Here’s why…

  • We service a variety of different places throughout Monmouth County. Whether you live in Asbury Park or Oceanport, we will have you covered.
  • We have worked with just about every kind of material you could imagine. No other Monmouth County steam cleaner company really has as much experience with as wide a variety of materials as Jersey Steamer. This means that homeowners who want to keep their expensive silk drapes, or even their regular canvas drapes, looking good as new will be happy to know that we know how to treat every material with care.
  • We use the best techniques and technology in the industry. This is one of our favorite sticking points when it comes to drapery refreshing. Not many other carpet cleaners and steam cleaners have the great technique and the high quality, safe to use tools that we do.
  • It’s cheap and convenient. Getting your drapes cleaned should not be something that comes with a scary price tag. A quick call to Jersey Steamer will help you keep your Halloween home looking better than ever before, at a price that you will adore. And, we always work with your schedule, since we know how hectic October can be for families in the Monmouth County area.

Our family owned company is one of the best in the Jersey Shore area, and once you experience cleanliness with Jersey Steamer, you’ll understand why. Call us today for a free consultation. We promise to give you the service, and quality care that you deserve!

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