“My Last Cleaner Bleached My Drapes! Now What?!”

At Jersey Steamer Cleaning Services, we have seen it all when it comes to professional cleaning. Hamilton NJ homes have called us telling us about the literal mess another cleaning service has left behind. Colts Nelck NJ homeowners have lamented to us the problems that have arisen with harsh chemical cleaning on delicate fabrics. When you’ve been the victim of a low quality professional cleaning company, you probably are wondering what you can do in terms of damage control. Here’s what Jersey Steamer has to say…

  • Call an expert on upholstery and fabric to find out whether or not the damage is repairable. Obviously, if all the color has been removed from a large portion of fabric on drapes, you may need new drapes. However, some of the damage that has been done may be reparable, depending on the fabric, the amount of damage, and whether or not there is an expert in the area who can help.
  • You might also want to ask the professional cleaners who did this for a refund, or to cover the damage repair. If they have any integrity whatsoever, then they will at least waive the charges that they would have given you if they did a decent job. Paying for them to damage your carpet, tile, or drapes is like paying a doctor to cut off your healthy foot.
  • Find out about the material that your item is made out of. You may have a silk carpet instead of a wool carpet, and that may have been the reason why the cleaners damaged it. Harsh chemicals, or persistent scrubbing can damage sensitive fibers. It’s in your best interest to find out about the carpet, drapes, or upholstery before you take it to another cleaner.
  • Call Jersey Steamer for your next cleaning session. Unlike others in the Jersey Shore area, Jersey Steamer has decades of experience dealing with materials and items of an incredible range. With our state of the art tools, techniques, and knowledge base, we’re able to gently lift stains and grime without harming delicate fibers. Our highly trained experts also will be able to give you advice when it comes to the regularity of cleaning sessions, and how to make the most of your cleaning work.

It’s absolutely devastating when a much-loved part of your home is damaged by well meaning professional cleaning companies. However, it does happen, especially when the cleaners that you hire don’t have the experience that one needs on the job at hand. In order to avoid this from happening, choose Jersey Steamers.

We have been a family-owned company that has serviced the Monmouth and Ocean count areas for decades. Why trust anyone else with your beloved heirlooms?

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