A person’s luck can always turn for the worse when it comes to their home, and at times, a flood can happen due to a burst pipe, inclement weather, and other such things. When this happens, it’s quite possible that you may end up with a bad case of mold. At times, even just overly humid air can make a carpet prone to getting mold.

Mold is no laughing matter! It can cause some very serious side effects. Consider these major risks that come with mold…

How mold affects your carpets?

  • Mold can actually cause severe allergy attacks in people. The effects can include anything from asthma attacks, to breaking out in rashes, to sneezing and watery eyes.
  • If mold spreads, it can actually damage the frame of your home. It is very possible for mold to spread from carpet fibers to wood to upholstery as well. And, when it does, it weakens the material that it grows on.
  • Mold also can be an overall reason to throw out a carpet. If your carpet is actually part of your floor and not just a simple area rug, your entire floor is at risk of needing replacement.
  • Mold spores that get into food (and yes, it can happen with spores from a carpet) can be seriously poisonous. There have been many cases in which people have died as a direct result from eating food that had the wrong kind of mold in it.
  • Should mold spread to a large portion of a room of your house, it can be called a health hazard. This in turn can cause your home to be condemned if it fails an inspection.

Ignoring mold on a carpet will only cause the problem to grow – literally. Due to the fact that mold is as dangerous as it is, you either will have to throw out the carpet in question, or get the mold removed from it. Many professional cleaning companies, including Jersey Steamer, have tackled cases of moldy carpets and helped people keep their property in touch.

The sooner that you call up New Jersey’s favorite professional cleaners, the sooner you can fix your mold problem. Remember, it doesn’t take too long for a mold issue to grow out of control. And, since mold is considered to be toxic to human health, trying to fix the problem yourself can actually end up in serious damage to not only your carpet, but yourself too.

While we cannot always remove all the mold from your home, Jersey Steamer can help clean mold right out of carpets, drapes, and upholstery if you call us soon enough. As Point Pleasant’s most popular professional cleaning company, our family-owned business will be able to help you keep your property intact, your home safe from mold, and your family members safe from the danger that it can pose. If you aren’t sure whether the stuff you’re seeing on your carpet is actually mold, give us a call for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to help.

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