Mother Nature is giving us the gift of Spring and Summer so why don’t you consider giving your mother a thoroughly cleaned home without her even lifting a finger. It does not just have to be a mom; it can be that one special lady in your life whom you want to make cleaning easier for. Winter is rough on a home, especially on carpets which absorb the chemicals and salt that are dragged in during snowstorms. Not only are they toxic for children and pets but they are quite unsightly.

if you do not have carpet or an area rug, you may have natural stone (or both) which we at Jersey Steamer can polish so beautifully, you will be able to see your reflection in it. Only the finest and highest quality work is done by our certified technicians, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have made Angie’s List and are a family run business so we respect this gift that you desire to give.

Jersey Steamer will clean your drapery, both in and out of your home, and with that comes the removal of stains and dander/pollen that can be harmful for your health. Let us take over the upholstery cleaning and let those mothers, sisters, best friends, girlfriends, daughters, and all the ladies who deserve to sit back and relax. The more services you choose to purchase, the better the discount that you will receive and we will price it out for your for free.

Flowers are great and jewelry is timeless but the best gift for this season is the gift of a clean home and we stand by our services and we know that you will be just as happy that you chose Jersey Steamer for that special “Mother Nature” in your life. Change up your gift-giving this year and let us do the dirty work. You can still add some flowers for an even sweeter touch and jewelry that will sparkle like the natural stone we will polish up.

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