Oh no! Pet Messes!

Getting a brand new puppy, bunny, or kitten is a wonderful experience. We should know – many of our staff members at Jersey Steamer Cleaning Services have pets. Moreover, Monmouth and Ocean counties are both known for being very pet-friendly. However, when they first hold that little brand new ball of fur, most people don’t realize how much of a mess an indoor pet can make. And, pet messes can be one of the most difficult messes to remove off of upholstery and carpeting.

Here are our tips for first time owners.

  • Do not let teething puppies near delicate upholstery. In fact, you should train your pets to stay off of your furniture. Cats can learn to avoid scratching with some special upholstery protection tape. Spraying bitter apple on furniture and wiring can also dissuade pets from chewing on furniture. If all else fails, use a squirt gun to get pets to stay away from furniture.
  • Pets that have an excess need to scratch at carpets and claw at furniture may need to have claw caps. Claw caps are little caps that go over animal claws. The caps are smooth at the tips, which means that any scratches that they make will be totally damage-free.
  • Consider getting protective covers for antiques. You can never be too safe, especially with antiques!
  • If your pet is still learning to be litterbox or paper-trained, then you may want to pen your pet, and line your carpet. Or, better yet, keep your furry friend in the kitchen (or other tiled environment) until they are a bit better trained. Still, it’s important to remember to give any animal enough room to roam around.
  • Train your pet to use the outdoors or a litterbox intensely. It’s really never too early to papertrain or litterbox train a pet. Regular reinforcement of good paper training behavior is a must if you want to avoid cleaning up animal messes every day.
  • Always keep pet stain remover nearby in case of an accident. Most pet stains can be removed with cleaners that you get off store shelves, and the smell can usually be dissipated with specialty products. No pet is perfect, so accidents will happen – particularly if they are young. Keep cleaning products available just in case.
  • If your pet is regularly refusing to use the litterbox, consult with a vet. Most of the time, changing the litter brand or getting a bigger litterbox or newspaper is good enough to make them go. But, if it still isn’t working, it may be a bigger problem than you think. Talk to a vet if all else fails.

A new pet can mean a lot of love, and a lot of messes. We at Jersey Steamer Cleaning Services have seen plenty of homes that have seen upholstery, curtain, and carpet damage because of a loved family pet. If you’re dealing with a big mess, it’s time to call in the pros. Give us at Jersey Steamer a call – no job is too big or too small.

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