At Jersey Steamer, we have learned that the holiday season is often not the busiest time of year for folks in the Monmouth county area looking to clean their homes. The busiest time of year, at least when it comes to carpet cleaning, is right after the holidays. More often than not, the pattern that we find is that homeowners throw a major all-out holiday bash, and they had one or two clumsy guests who dropped food or drink all over their carpets, upholstery, or even their drapes. If you’ve recently had a holiday party with some messy guests, Jersey Steamer has plenty of advice for you.

  • It’s quite possible that you’ve already waited to the point that the stain has already set in if the stain happened during a Christmas or Hannukah party. Trying to remove it yourself with the regular detergents that you find in stores might actually make the stain worse, and can cause permanent damage to carpeting or upholstery in some cases. If it’s been a couple of weeks, you will need to call a professional cleaning company to lift the stain out safely.
  • If it’s a particularly nasty that involves a lot of grit and grime, a good way to help clean it up is vacuuming the area. This will at least take out most of the sandy material that can cause damage to carpet or upholstery fiber. Care must be taken with more delicate materials, though, since vacuuming or even rubbing the gritty spill can actually harm fibers. If you aren’t sure whether or not vacuuming is a good idea, it may be best to talk with a professional.
  • Always make sure to take a mental note to avoid serving easily spilled food for next year. As a rule of thumb, serving soup at a party with clumsy guests may not be the best idea in the world. And, it may also be a good idea to invest in drink glasses that aren’t prone to spilling, too. And, if the spill was the fault of an overly tipsy guest, you might also want to reel in the amount of alcohol you serve.

Whether you live in Trenton or Jackson Twp, it’s common enough to have a major holiday party that results in some sort of spill related damage to your carpeting or upholstery. The good news about spills on carpeting and upholstery is that even older stains have a great chance of being lifted as long as you have the right equipment, the most professional crew, and the right knowledge base to make it happen.

As Oceanport’s most trusted family-owned cleaning company, we not only have the right staff and technology to keep your carpeting perfectly pristine, but also the right stuff to keep your upholstery and drapes looking sharp as well. Don’t wait until next year to make sure that your home is presentable and guest-friendly. Call Jersey Steamer for a quick and affordable cleaning today.

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