Allergies are on the rise nationwide, and now is the time when pollen counts are at their highest. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how much pollen is flooding the air, either. Just looking at the sheer number of people sniffling, or even glancing at a pollen-covered car is enough to illustrate the problem that pollen can pose to people with allergies. It’s why so many people with allergies choose to stay inside during this time of year.

The problem with pollen is that it doesn’t just stay outside – it always finds a way in your home. If you open a window, pollen will waft in. If you keep your windows closed but have the AC on, pollen will possibly come in. The clothing that you wore outside will still have pollen on it when you walk inside. And, when you come home from walking outside, your shoes will track pollen onto your carpets.

If you have allergies, staying inside and keeping things as clean as possible is often the best, most natural way to go about things. The only other alternative is putting up with the pollen by downing allergy medications and hoping that the pollen will dip down to recordbreaking lows. That being said, keeping things in your home clean is deceptively difficult during this time of year.

In order to keep your allergies in check, it’s best to follow this routine.

  • Do your laundry every 3 days. This keeps the amount of pollen that you catch from the outdoors to a minimum.
  • Take off your shoes as soon as you get into your home. This prevents you from tracking too much pollen into your home.
  • If you keep the windows open, expect to have an intense weekly or biweekly cleaning ritual ahead of you. If you do choose to get some fresh air, you’re going to need to take extra precautions to keep things pollen free at home. This can include steam cleaning your carpet (from tracking in pollen), getting upholstery and drapes professionally cleaned (from airborne pollen particles), and also giving your kitchen a good wipe down.
  • Use an air filter indoors. Indoor air filters are designed to keep things like bacteria and pollen out of your home’s air flow. If you have severe allergies, this may be the best option when it comes to keeping the air as pollen free as possible.
  • Ask your doctor for other pollen reduction tips. If pollen is really turning your life upside down, a call to your doctor or nurse practitioner will often lead to better advice on how to deal with things.

Even though this is just a small section of the year, pollen season really does wreak havoc on people who suffer from allergies. By keeping your home and carpets as clean as can be, you can reduce the amount of allergic reactions you have this summer – and you also will get to experience the joy of a clean home, too!

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