Prepping For The 4th Of July?

July 4th is a major party day for families, friends, and couples alike. It’s a day that’s filled with barbeques, water gun fights, fireworks, and get togethers. If you’re one of the many families throughout the Red Bank, Middletown or Long Branch areas that are preparing an awesome celebration, then you already know that you’re going to need to get your home prepared for tons of guests. In order to help you put together the ultimate bash, we decided to offer our own checklist for the ultimate 4th fete.

  • Grab some delicious food. Most people choose to have a BBQ party for the 4th of July, which means that hot dogs and hamburgers are often the best choices. Make sure to have a vegetarian option as well – some people don’t like meat!
  • Make sure you have some festive plates, a nice centerpiece, and cool décor. Red, white and blue are the colors you should choose. Plastic or paper plates in these hues can be picked up at a local dollar store. Adding a nice banner, some streamers, and perhaps a couple of flags as decorations can also give your home that perfect festive touch.
  • Have some activities that you can do while things are cookin’. Kids will get bored if there’s no games or pool to enjoy. Adults might be able to strike up conversations, but a couple of board games or party games might be a good addition. Additionally, if you’re all going to be watching fireworks, make sure you plan that ahead of time, too.
  • Make sure that invites are sent out early enough. Usually, giving people 2 to 3 weeks’ notice will help them figure out how to plan. If you have any special requests, such as leaving kids at home or bringing food, make sure to detail that on your invite.
  • Get your home clean. No one wants to party at a ramshackle, grody house unless they are in college and are hitting up a fraternity for the first time. Your home should be your pride and joy, and should be made to welcome guests with open arms. Give your bathroom and kitchen a careful cleaning. Clear up clutter lying around your living room. Lastly, if you want to make sure that the entire setting is complete, get your carpets professionally cleaned. After all, home scents tend to hide in carpet fibers, and the only way to get rid of those smells is to clean your carpets professionally.

July 4th is coming up soon, so it’s important to start preparing for your celebration as soon as possible. If you want a spotless home, calling Jersey Steamer in Red Bank NJ is the best way to achieve it. With a quick and easy consultation, we can figure out how to clean your home and get you the best results possible. Don’t wait until it’s the day before the party. Call us today to schedule your own home cleaning!

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