While we always will suggest getting every carpet cleaned on a regular basis, we at Jersey Steamer are very well aware of the fact that some kinds of carpets will need professional cleanings a lot more than others. Some carpets are just very difficult to clean without the right gear, such as the gear that professionals would have. Perhaps one of the most difficult to clean carpet types are shag rugs.

These iconic rugs from the 1970’s have a lot of benefits, including being wonderfully soft to the touch, having a unique touch of style, and also just being a great addition to a home’s overall look. However, as great as shag rugs can be, they are total nightmares to clean for a number of reasons. Here’s why.

  • The long carpet fibers may be cuddly, but they are able to trap dirt, grit, and grime faster than any other carpet out there. And once those rugs get grime stuck in them, it often takes a lot more than just a regular vacuuming to get them out.
  • Many shag rugs are also made out material that tends to soak up liquids that cause stains as well. This can mean that you may have more stubborn stains in your shag rugs than what you’ve been experiencing with the rest of your home’s carpeting.
  • Because a lot of shag rugs are also vintage (from the 60’s and 70’s in particular), it’s often hard for homeowners to gauge what kind of detergents and cleaning agents they can use without seriously damaging the carpet. Using the wrong detergent can potentially permanently stain the carpet, dissolve fibers, and overall just ruin the carpet. Since it is hard to actually figure out which detergent you should use, it’s important to have a professional take a look at it before you try to do anything.
  • Shag rugs also can be very delicate due to both the material that they are made of and their age. Using the wrong vacuum or shampooer can cause many of the rug’s smaller fibers to rip. This will result in a pretty sad-looking shag rug.

While you might be able to avoid having other carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis, a shag carpet is generally not one that can really keep its beautiful look or texture without a helping hand from a cleaning company. If you are the proud owner of a shag carpet, or if you have an antique shag area rug, it’s not the time to try to figure out the cleaning process on your own. Instead, call Jersey Steamer for your rug cleaning needs.

Since we have decades of experience, great tools, and some of the most talented staff in all of Monmouth county, we have become the go-to company for plenty of West Long Branch locals who have carpets with special cleaning needs. Don’t wait until it gets too grimy – call Jersey Shore cleaning as soon as you possibly can.

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