Spring Into A Cleaner Basement

For some magical reason beyond our understanding, we at Jersey Steamer Carpet Cleaning Service have noticed an odd pattern about the spring season and the cleanliness of peoples’ basements. During the spring season, basements often collect dirt, grit and dust from the great outdoors. When this happens, carpeting or tiling in your basement might end up looking pretty grimy. Both tiling and carpeting can suffer when exposed to these kinds of things. Are you worried about the state of your basement? Here are some tips for quick and easy cleaning.

  • A quick vacuum is a good way to get rid of most of the dust on basement floors. Vacuums are great for picking up dust bunnies on carpeting and tiling alike. Most cleaning experts agree (and we do, too) that vacuuming at least once a week is a great way to keep carpets in shape.
  • If your basement flooded due to April showers or snow melting, you should still double check for mold and mildew damage. Sometimes, it takes a little time in order for water damage and mold to show up. Wise homeowners should make a point of doing a once over and taking note of any new discolorations. If you notice something strange, it’s important to contact a mold and mildew specialist as soon as possible. It can spread, and it also can affect your health.
  • Get your basement carpeting or tile professionally cleaned at least once per year. Your basement might not be the most heavily trafficked area of your house, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it some love, too. Basements often need just as much attention as your kitchen and bathroom. Not doing so can cause you to end up with bad discoloration in tile, tears in the carpet, and a general rise in wear and tear
  • If your basement has tiling, make sure to use the correct detergent when mopping up. Some tiling can actually be damaged if it comes into contact with harsher bleaches and detergents. If you’re not sure what kind of detergent to use, ask a professional. (Note: Jersey Steamer is always more than happy to help you figure out what detergents are the best to use!)
  • Notice a stain that’s just not easy to remove? Use your common sense and call a professional cleaner to help you out! The longer that the stain sits, the harder it will be to get it lifted. Similarly, using the wrong cleaning agent can also make the stain even harder to get out, and can permanently damage fibers in the carpeting. Leave harder stains to the professionals – we are always ready to help.

If you’re looking for the best cleaning company in Ocean, then you should call Jersey Steamer. With decades of quality work behind us, our reputation for being a family owned business with integrity and passion has gotten us attention nationwide. Give us a call for a quick and easy consultation. You (and your basement) will be glad that you did.

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