Spruce Up Your Tile This Summer with Jersey Steamer Tile Cleaning Services in Bricktown NJ

Summer is the best time of the year at Jersey Steamer Tile Cleaning Services! It’s a time when families can enjoy time together, a time when parties are the norm, and a time when you can hit the beach any day of the week without having to worry about it being too cold to swim. While it’s a great time to enjoy the world, it’s also a terrible time if you want to keep your tile looking clean. Consider some of the following summery scenarios…

  • You hit the backyard pool, and then walk inside onto the tile. Chlorine, salt, dirt and grime that gets tracked in from a pool session can seriously harm tiling. It can reduce shine, remove protective coating, and also just make the tile feel gross and grimy.
  • Your kids just decided to have a dance-off in the kitchen, and their sneakers left black scuff marks. Sure, it’s great that they want to re-create High School Musical 3, but they basically destroyed the clean look of your tiling in the process. Furious scrubbing can remove said scuff marks, but also can remove the protective coating that kept your floor clean.
  • You recently threw a party, and there was a major spill involving a tray of greasy BBQ food. Just perfect. Grease is a royal pain to get rid of on tile, and certain detergents that work on cutting grease also can harm the tile.
  • After a long walk on the beach, you drop your beach bag on the floor, only to realize that it’s full of sand. Sand scuffs the shine of tile, gets into the grout, and generally wreaks a certain amount of havoc on tiling. (Actually, sand is terrible on almost any kind of flooring you may have.)
  • The kids came back from hanging out in the sprinkler outside, and they tracked mud EVERYWHERE. The carpets and tiling that you have can both take a serious hit on the mud. In New Jersey, mud can have clay and sand in it. This means that it’s a double-whammy of hard to remove dirt and abrasive sand.
  • It’s been very humid, and the pollen outside has just decided to waft into your kitchen. Pollen and humidity make for a pretty bad combination inside a home. This can often cause tile discoloration, but most often just causes grout problems. It’s best to fix this before it becomes an eyesore.

All of these problems are relatively commonplace, and they can all be solved by a professional tile cleaning service. At Jersey Steamer, we’ve been protecting tile and offering quality cleaning services throughout the Bricktown area for decades. We know how to keep your tile ready for summer, and how to improve the way that your home looks.

Whether you need to simply spruce up your tile due to a couple of months’ of heavy use, or if you need to clean a summer-related mess, we’re the guys to call. And, since we work around your schedule, we make it convenient for you to keep your kitchen spotless.

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