Jersey Steamer’s staff can tell you that March is not a good month for carpeting. Whether it’s a party that took place in Little Silver, or a grand feast in Rumson, we’ve seen carpet emergencies throughout the season for a number of reasons.

The hardest part of dealing with March weather is that you end up with stains and damage coming from a number of different sources. With all the snow that the Jersey shore has endured over the past couple of weeks, you can expect snow and ice melter to get tracked into your home. Believe it or not, ice melters such as rock salt and specially designed powders can be some of the most damaging substances possible to a carpet. Prolonged exposure can lead to mold (if it’s snow), or permanent staining.

Of course, there’s also the matter of St. Patty’s Day celebrations. With all the happy guests you’ll have drinking, munching on soda bread, and singing classic songs, it’s only a matter of time till one of the guests spills something on your carpet, your tile, or even your drapes. And, if you’re serving up some tasty hors d’oeurves with sauces, you will have even more chances of a spill of some sort. Such is the nature of parties.

Beer, whiskey, and snow-related stuff all can lead to serious carpet damage if it’s left untreated. Regualr vacuuming and rug cleaning detergents aren’t a good idea, either. After all, you can never tell how those cleaning agents will react with the stains’ materials. If you want to make sure that the stains don’t set or become permanent, the clear solution is to get them professionally cleaned.

The best crew to handle tough and often delicate carpets, tiles and drapes is Jersey Steamer. As one of the best professional, family-owned steam cleaning companies in NJ, we know how to treat different stains as well as different carpet materials. With just a quick free consultation, we will be able to give you the heads up on how we can clean your home in the quickest, most affordable, and safest way. Call us today for a free quote!

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