Summer Cleaning Services at the Jersey Shore

There’s something magical about running through a sprinkler in the summer time. As many people in the Jersey Shore region can tell you, the fun that comes from hanging out at the beach, riding the waves and improving upon a tan is just a must once the weather gets warm enough. Now that school is out, families are going to begin hitting the beach (or at least the back yard) in droves so that they can get their swim on.

But, many don’t realize what a toll this can take on tiling in their homes.

Water and beach visits may be fun, but they often lead us to track sand, mud, and moisture into our home. For reasons beyond anyone’s understanding, no matter how hard one seems to try to get 100% dry and sand free, visits to pools, Jacuzzis, and beaches always seem to result in tracking in some kind of undesired stuff into homes. This always can cause a slew of problems for carpeting and tile alike. Consider the following materials often tracked in after a beach or backyard excursion.

Sand is particularly destructive to flooring of all sorts. It wears out carpet fibers, discolors threads, and also can cut into tile. Simply sweeping or vacuuming it away doesn’t always work, and it’s often the leading cause of permanent damage to wood flooring, tile grout, and carpeting. Yikes!

Water can cause unsightly splotches on tiling, and can also cause the growth of mildew and mold if it stays stagnant on carpeting. This is why water damage must be mediated as soon as possible. Depending on whether or not the water was clean or pure, you may also end up seeing discoloration in both tiling and carpeting. This kind of discoloration cannot be helped with a vacuum, or even regular detergents.

Mud is the easiest way to discolor carpeting and fade the shine off of a tiled floor. Though it’s rarer to track into a house than water or sand, it still happens. If mud isn’t cleared up quickly, it can permanently damage carpeting and become a sticky mess with tiling.

While you can’t always prevent tracking in all this outdoor gunk, you can prevent it from permanently damaging your home. Leaving your shoes outside by the door is a good start to keeping things clean and pristine, but the best way to prevent your home’s floors from damage and discoloration is to clean them regularly. And, while vacuums, mopping and sweeping do help, it’s important to remember how every home needs a thorough professional cleaning of both tiled and carpeted floors.

At Jersey Steamer, we have been able to help families repair and prevent this kind of summertime damage year after year. If you’re worried about your home’s kitchen tiling or carpeting, you may want to give us a call. A quick, free, and painless consultation is all you’ll need in order to have the cleanest home you’ve ever had!

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