Jersey Steamer your Local Carpet Cleaning Service has seen a lot of crazy stuff happen in Deal and Point Pleasant – particularly around the time that camping season rolls around. When kids are out at overnight camps, most homes manage to stay somewhat clean. It’s when kids come back from camp, often very excited about coming home, that messes really start to come into sight. Let’s just face it. Kids are little balls of energy most of the time, and those balls of energy can be very hard to control. So, how do you help your kids avoid making a mess when they’re home?

  • Make them pick up messes and clean up simple spills. All of a sudden, turning a house upside down won’t seem as fun. After all, if they have to clean it up, then they are going to be more careful not to spill in the future.
  • Avoid tracking mud into the home by having kids leave their muddy shoes outside, or in a foyer. No muddy shoes, no muddy shoe prints. No muddy shoe prints, no reason to call Jersey Steamer about muddy footprints on a white carpet.
  • If you have a party that is going to be 90% child attendees, such as a birthday party, hold the bulk of the party out on the deck, or in your kitchen. Drink spills are way easier to remove from tile than they are from carpet. Besides, most kids don’t really care where they’re ushered into. They just care that they are hanging out in a house with their friends!
  • Tire out your kids. Kids who are energetic are more likely to want to have a water balloon fight indoors, to run around holding food, or to (heaven forbid) start a food fight. If they’re too tired to run about, they are not going to want to run. The easiest way to get a child all tuckered out and ready for bed is to let them play outside – ideally, a sport that has a lot of physical demands.
  • Opt for mess-free art toys. Believe it or not, there are toys out there that don’t involve paints that can’t be removed, or markers that can’t be removed from upholstery. It may take a little more time to find them, but they are out there. It may take some searching, but trust us when we say there are toys out there with the purpose of NOT making moms groan. Using these toys can lower the amount of mess that you have to clean up significantly.

Summertime is a time for fun – and the occasional mess. When messes do happen at your home, it’s time to call a professional cleaning company that has the integrity, honesty, knowledge, and tools to make your stains go away. When you call Jersey Steamer Carpet Cleaner of Toms River, you’re getting the best work, the best staff, and the best tools for the job. Better still, our schedule works around your schedule, so give us a call today.

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