Summer is now over, and the kids are heading back to school. If you’re a proud parent who has managed to overcome all the hassle of summer without losing your mind, congrats! It’s time to get the house in order again. At Jersey Steamer, we’ve seen plenty of homes in the Eatontown area cope with the struggle of getting everything in order for a brand new school year. Here’s a quick cleanup checklist for families that are ready to turn over a new leaf this fall.

  • Toss out old, torn, and worn out clothing and shoes. Fall’s the perfect time for back to school style upgrades. You might as well toss out clothing that no longer fits you or your child.
  • Give your house a complete professional cleaning. We highly suggest getting your carpets cleaned at least once per season, and during the fall, it’s best to get your house’s floors cleaned before the foliage begins to turn colors. This is because preventative care from a professional cleaning crew can help keep stains and dirt from sticking to fabrics.
  • Clean out your fridge. School season can be a pretty chaotic time for everyone. During chaotic times, we tend to ignore the food in fridges, which can lead to accidental ingestion of expired food. Take the time to clean out the fridge once a year, and this will be a nonissue.
  • Start tossing out old projects and homework – unless it’s part of your school’s curriculum to keep them. Some schools these days actually require students to keep up to four years of their work in a portfolio. If your school is NOT one of those, then you should make room for new homework with a collective toss-out of old homework and projects. Why keep clutter around?
  • Clean out closets. Once a year, you should clean out and organize everyone’s closets. The reason for this is simple: you often will find that you don’t need a huge portion of the items that you keep in them. By cleaning out your closet, you’re freeing up space and keeping a mental checklist of things that you do or do not need.
  • Give your bathrooms and kitchens a good ol’ fashioned scrub-down. Believe it or not, tile can harbor a lot of bacteria and mold that can make both kids and adults sick. Most cleaning experts suggest giving each room a very thorough cleaning at least twice a year, if not more often. We’ve found that the best results come with a professional cleaning of tiling and grout.

It may just be fall, and it may feel like it’s the most comfortable season of the year, but we at Jersey Steamer know how much chaos can come with starting school again. In order to make sure you’re ready for all the fun and excitement that school can bring, make sure that your home is clean right now. Give us a quick call, and we’ll help you make your home ready for this upcoming school year!

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