Up Close and Personal with Germs with Jersey Steamer

Your carpet is not just where dust and dirt collect, believe it or not it is the perfect haven for allergens and disease causing germs. You got to clean your carpet and you got to clean it well. And when it comes to complete carpet cleaning, regular detergent, wet and dry vacuuming and scrubbing will never stand the chance against germs.

The best way to clean is with steam cleaning

Jersey Steamer uses powerful steam that will zap germs from carpets, floors and from any kind of surface. Steam is hot and powerful; it can disinfect and sterilize carpets as soon as possible so you can have clean, germ-free carpets in no time. Steam cleaning does not require the use of detergents that can harm you, your pets and your carpets. It only uses water to clean.

Jersey Steamer carpet cleaning is perfect for:

  • People with allergies – it removes allergens and keeps carpets fresh and clean for a long time. If you or any member of your family has asthma then this is the best cleaning method for you.
  • People who want to clean smart – clean your home smart with easy, fast and reliable steam cleaning.
  • Saving money – Save money on cleaning products, save money from medical bills since your family can live allergy-free!
  • Preserving the life of your carpet – carpets are very expensive; preserve it by using gentle steam cleaning versus carpet cleaning using harsh chemicals and detergents.

Jersey Steamer uses state of the art steam cleaning equipment that gets the job done fast. No need to wait long to have your carpet clean for a party or even after a party cause Jersey Steamer is always available for you.
Rest assure with Jersey Steamer. We are the number 1 privately-owned carpet cleaning business in New Jersey and have earned the top place on Angie’s List and at HomeAdvisor.com for more then 5 years. Call Jersey Steamer Cleanings Services today and get that carpet clean and smelling-fresh and new in no time!

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