Dad does not want another tie, though he appreciates the thought. He does not want you to try to cook him breakfast though I’m sure some burnt toast would have been delicious. And Dad is still breaking in those new slippers you bought him for Hanukkah/Christmas. So, what can you get him that he would really appreciate; something that would make him take to his rarely used Facebook account and show off pictures and brag about his amazing kids on Father’s Day? Why not make his favorite couch and/or recliner as good as new. Keep the memories but lose the ick.
Jersey Steamer will come in with the deepest cleaning tools possible and make sure that all of those unsightly stains go away. Along with that, they will remove the bacteria and pollen from your upholstery with biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning solutions. This means that there will be no dangerous chemicals going into your house while taking the dirt and grime out. It is both family, pet, and environmentally safe so that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

On top of that, we offer Scotchgard protection, deodorizer along with pet stain removal (have you ever smelled cat urine?) and that means we also offer odor removal. Satisfaction is guaranteed, we have Saturday and evening appointments so that makes it super flexible. The work can be done while Dad is at work or out for the day and when he comes home, he will go to his special comfy area and see that it is still his but only better, like the day that it was brought home.

Add a ribbon to the upholstered space and you have a Father’s Day gift he will not soon forget. He will relish in the smell, the comfort, the thought, and the fact that it is an out-of-the-box gift that does not involve anyone in the family waiting in a mall line! Plus, it is, again, not another tie! What is better than that? We can’t think of anything!

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