Vacations are over and your kids are back to school. It means you have absolutely no time to yourself. Juggling household chores, preparing food, doing the laundry, picking up your kids, dropping them to the extracurricular classes and so on and so forth, take up every minute of the day. When you do get time during the weekends, nothing feels better than spending a quality time with your family. Meanwhile, your house calls for a cleaning. Squeezing in time to deep clean carpets, draperies and rugs become almost impossible.

What is the suitable solution? The answer is professional steam cleaner services. It is the most efficient alternative to deep cleaning. Fortunately, Jersey Steamer is here to the rescue. It is the best professional steam cleaner service in West Windsor NJ and Princeton NJ. Take a look at the numerous benefits of steam cleaning your drapes, carpets, and rugs.

  • It is highly effective

Steam cleaning involves cleaning off dirt, stains and particulate matter with steam. The high temperature from the steam softens the dirt and removes it easily and swiftly. It reaches the innermost layer and removes clogs and debris.

On cleaning the drapes or rugs with detergent or chemicals, the quality and color can degrade. On the other hand, steam cleaning retains the quality and makes it look new.

To top that, steam cleaning does not require long hours of drying. Hence, you can start using the freshly cleaned carpets and drapes on the same day.

  • It is a safe method

Steam cleaning not only removes visible stains but also gets rid of microbes which could be infesting on your carpet, drapes or rugs. The high temperature from the steam kills bacteria and other germs which might have been present. This is why steam is used for sterilization of different kinds of things.

Steam cleaning carpets or curtains can increase their lifespan as well. It is a safe, effective and an efficient way of cleaning.

  • Steam cleaning is eco-friendly

While you may opt for detergent and chemical agents to clean your drapes, they are not eco-friendly. Chemicals can have a negative impact and affect children and pets especially because they are relatively more sensitive than adults.

If you opt for steam cleaning, the safety concerns are ruled out completely. It does not involve chemicals at all. Therefore, the air remains clean and healthy.



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